More than a Mausoleum the Memorial stands as a testament to the triumphs of Thomas foster a local boy who went to the city and found his fortune. He was a MP & Mayor of Toronto and left several legacies. It is an unique artistic treasure hidden in the rural Uxbridge Country Side. The memorial is inspired by the Taj Mahal mixed with Byzantine Architecture, with solid bronze doors, stain glass windows hand painted and fired. The floors are rich coloured terrazzo and marble mosaics wrought in symbolic designs fashioned by some of the finest artisans of the time

Special Programs & Meditation

 Special Programs:

Opera on the Solstice in the fabulous acoustics of the Foster featuring:

Mezzo-Soprano Christina Campsall & Soprano Leslie Higgins

Saturday June 22 --2:00 PM or 7:00 PM

Tickets @ Blue Heron Books 905-852-4282

Join Sound Practitioner Linda Lee Purvis for a soundscape of resonant sounds from Crystal Singing Bowls,Chimes,Crystal Harp & various sound tools that invoke deep relaxation in Foster’s acoustically charmed environment.

May 13, June 10, July 8, Aug 12, Sept 16,Oct TBA

Please Register: beverlynortheast@gmail.com
Or by calling Bev at 905-640-3966

Meditation At the Foster


Sign in time is 7:00-7:25  (after meditation begins no admittance) 
You may bring yoga mat, blanket, towel etc (floor space is limited)
 No phones, no interruptions just 1 hour of blissful quiet stress free time.